Pleasure to meet you! I'm Nyah

From my studio in Amsterdam - yes, I speak Dutch fluently 😊 - I help entrepreneurs in diverse fields of work optimize their productivity and free up extra time in their agenda.

I'm a bubbly peoples person, a creative at heart and have a passion for rendering excellent client support.

With a decade experience in customer service, I have developed a strong skill in identifying the crux of clients' needs and meeting them  adequately resulting in satisfied returning clients.

See what people I've worked with had to say about working with me in the slideshow below

Of course there is much more to keeping a client happy, but quality client support definitely plays a huge role in maintaining a strong relationship with your clients and their loyalty to your business and brand.

Apart from customer services, I'm skilled at back office/ administrative tasks, social media management and I enjoy using my creativity to help other creatives + entrepreneurs write copy for their websites, newsletters, social media etc. 

I decided to make my expertise available for business owners who are looking to outsource some of their workload to be able to focus more on core business activities and scale up, or to have more free time on their hands. Or simply because they don't like anything about administrative work and prefer not having to worry about it anymore.

Doing business without getting overwhelmed or doing the things you secretly hate is totally possible! And if I'm the first to help you realize this, then I'm glad we crossed paths.

Interested in learning more about my services and you can work with me? I'm happy to tell you all about it!

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Take care & speak soon,